underwater datacenter

Microsoft tests Project Natick, a self-sustaining underwater datacenter

Microsoft’s Project Natick seeks to understand the benefits and difficulties in deploying underwater datacenters worldwide. Phase two extends the research accomplished in phase one by deploying a full-scale underwater datacenter module in the North Sea, powered by renewable energy.


Project Natick Underwater Datacenter

Datacenter Designation:  “Northern Isles” (SSDC-002)

Payload:  12 racks containing 864 standard Microsoft datacenter servers with 27.6 petabytes of disk.

Pressure Vessel Dimensions:  about the size of a 40′ shipping container you might see on a ship, train, or truck.

Electrical Power Source:  100% locally produced renewable electricity from on-shore wind and solar, off-shore tide and wave.

Location:  European Marine Energy Centre, Scotland, UK


Source: Project Natick