Big Data in Ohio

Big Data’s Future is in Ohio

Today, ever-growing number of solutions are creating opportunities to utilize data for business, science, and technology breakthroughs in ways we’d never imagined.  And if you look closely, you’d see that in no place is that more evident than in Ohio, with its growing big data sector.

Ohio’s 25 Fortune 500 companies give the state a key advantage in its bid to become a data analytics leader. Many of these companies are already training their significant IT workforces to utilize data analytics in ways that drive business development. According to the Wall Street Journal, Nationwide Insurance is in the third year of a five-year plan to overhaul its insurance business using big data technology and data analytics, exemplified by its new SmartRide usage-based insurance program; Cleveland Clinic is working on projects that harness CE telemedicine, data analytics, and AI; and Procter & Gamble is using big data to reach more niche audiences. Companies like these will drive applications that lead to new products and services, spinoffs, and related startups.


Source: VentureBeat

Big Data's Future is in Ohio

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