CIA Cloud Computing

CIA Official: Cloud Computing Is More Secure Than Old Technology

“Security is an absolutely existential need for everything we do at the agency—the cloud on its weakest day is more secure than a client service solution,” said Sean Roche, associate deputy director at the CIA’s Digital Innovation Directorate. “Encryption runs seamlessly on multiple levels. It’s been nothing short of transformational.”

Four years ago, the CIA inked a $600 million contract with Amazon Web Services to provide the intelligence community with commercial cloud services. Called C2S, the cloud serves the CIA and 16 other IC agencies, hosting secret and top secret classified information.

But security benefits go beyond the cloud’s robust architecture, he said. Going to the cloud also gives access to more software-as-a-service solutions, bypassing the traditional acquisition process that can leave agencies waiting months or years to get their hands on innovative tech.

Source: Nextgov