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How Document Management and Content Management Differ

Many companies look to streamline business processes by automating business information management. However, the number of management solutions can be confusing, especially when the boundaries between the solutions are not well defined. For example, consider document management systems (DMS) and content management systems (CMS): Some people use the terms DMS and CMS as synonyms, but that is not fully correct — though they have some similar features.

In general, a DMS is a system that helps businesses to create, track and store digitized documents. A DMS is used to classify, retain and protect electronic information. It also supports versioning, collaboration and workflows. Content management systems are used to create and manage various types of digital content besides documents in the traditional sense. For example, in addition to being used for PDFs, Word files or Excel files, a CMS could be used to manage things like images, web pages, records and flash files.

Source: Sergey Golubenko | CMS Wire

How Document Management and Content Management Differ


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