Cloud Adoption Lags in Move to Streamline In-House E-Discovery Operations

Despite a desire to modernize their e-discovery operations, most companies are holding off on leveraging cloud technology for internal efficiencies and cost savings, according to Zapproved’s 2018 Corporate E-Discovery Benchmark Report, a survey of 185 corporate e-discovery professionals.

A slight majority of respondents, 54 percent, said streamlining electronic discovery operations is a top priority for their company, while 41 percent said the same for reducing eDiscovery costs.

However, over a third, 37 percent, of companies still outsource document review, while 30 percent outsource data processing. Such outsourcing can be operationally burdensome for legal departments, who need to send data outside their organization, and more costly than bringing such operations in-house.


Source: Rhys Dipshan | New Jersey Law Journal