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Clients to Lawyers: Protect Our Data, Or Else

The Association for Corporate Counsel issued its cybersecurity report for 2018, and it reveals some big problems. Among others, one in three in-house counsel have experienced data breaches.

It’s a significant increase from the last report, when only 15 percent had a data breach. It’s also prompted companies to increase spending on cybersecurity upgrades and training in their legal departments.

According to the ABA Journal, that means companies will expect more of their law firms as well. In-house counsel must ensure that outside firms are “not the weak link in the company’s cyberdefense.”

“In light of the rise in cybercrimes, many corporate clients are now demanding that law firms respond to exhaustive requests for proposals and describe the data security programs and preventive tools they have in place on the condition of retention,” wrote Karen Painer Randall and Steven Kroll.

Source: William Vogeler, Esq | Technologist – Findlaw

Clients to Lawyers: Protect Our Data, Or Else

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