Scientists Develop Lie Detector Test for Written Text

Scientists Develop Lie Detector Test for Written Text

Scientists have developed a computer tool that can spot if somebody has filed a fake police statement based purely on the text included in the document.

Using a combination of automatic text analysis and advanced machine learning techniques, the tool has been able to successfully identify false robbery reports with over 80 per cent accuracy.

The tool has now been rolled out across all of Spain to help support police officers and indicate where further investigations are necessary.

Known as VeriPol, the tool is specific to reports of robbery and can recognize patterns that are more common with false claims, such as the types of items reported stolen, finer details of incidents and descriptions of a perpetrator.

The research team, which included computer science experts from Cardiff University and Charles III University of Madrid, believe the tool could save the police both time and effort by complementing traditional investigative techniques, whilst also deterring people from filing fake statements in the first place.

Source: Cardiff University

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