The U.S. Army wants to use artificial intelligence to prevent cyberattacks

If the U.S. Army has its way, soldiers deployed on the battlefield will be shielded from cyberattacks without human involvement.

The Army’s Aberdeen Proving Ground is conducting research into how artificial intelligence can protect soldiers’ tactical networks and communications from cyberattacks, according to a Jan 14. announcement.

Among the areas of research are ways for machine learning to automatically detect known cyber vulnerabilities, spot previously unknown malware and respond to an attack.

The Army’s hunt for AI research comes as the Pentagon has grown more interested in defending against cyberattacks that itself use machine learning. It is a future where machines will fight machines in cyberspace. That concern was evident in the service’s announcement.“The cyber technology will secure automated network decisions and defend against adaptive autonomous cyberattacks at machine speed,” the Army wrote. [read more]

Source: Justin Lynn | Fifth Domain

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