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Improving the customer experience takes more than technology

Optimize the Customer Experience Journey

Driven by a desire to obtain business insights, lower costs and offer customers more choice, businesses are rushing to launch digital transformation initiatives. Significant frustration can arise, however, when companies fail to accurately assess how the technologies will impact the overall customer experience with the organization – or when they fail to lay the operational groundwork to take full advantage of the new solution. A recent report on customer loyalty provided insights into how to prevent this frustration by implementing technologies that ensure access to both new and traditional services – especially the human touch.

The human connection is still the key to loyalty

When assessing technologies to support digital transformation initiatives, such as artificial intelligence (AI) driven chatbots and voice search, businesses need to evaluate the impact on both the customers and employees who serve them. According to the loyalty report, while 76 percent of respondents believe technology helps create a good experience, 48 percent think innovation is important only if it improves customer service. Further, despite the variety of new channels for contacting companies, 58 percent of customers still believe reaching a representative directly via phone is the best way to get efficient service, and 74 percent say they are more loyal to an organization if they can speak to someone. [read more]

Source: Kris McKenzie, Calabrio | Adrian Swinscoe 

Improving the customer experience takes more than technology

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