Overcoming The Knowledge Gap

Lawyers And Transformational Tech: Overcoming The Knowledge Gap

Overcoming The Knowledge Gap of Legal Technology

Last month, we discussed the results of the 2019 Future Ready Lawyer survey and the factors that contribute to legal organizations’ profitability and readiness to adapt to change. The survey results indicate that Technology Leading organizations – those that are leveraging technology effectively today and will continue to invest in new technologies moving forward – are not only benefiting from an early adopter advantage, but are also doubling down on technology investment in the next few years. By doing so, they are likely to increase the gap between themselves and organizations that are not already innovating quickly enough, or at all.

The survey also identified a number of hurdles that organizations face when it comes to adopting innovation, including organizational challenges, financial concerns, and lack of technology knowledge, understanding, or skills. While all of these factors were nearly equal with each other, lack of technology knowledge and understanding was actually the leading challenge. In fact, more than one-half of lawyers expect to see some impact from transformational technologies over the next three years – but fewer than 24 percent say they understand those technologies very well.

There has been no shortage of coverage on legal tech (including in this column). So a logical question is “Why is it that legal professionals say that they don’t understand these technologies?”

The reality may simply be that the newly emerging products are difficult for most of us to understand… [read more]

Source: Dean Sonderegger | Above the Law

Lawyers And Transformational Tech: Overcoming The Knowledge Gap

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