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Lawyers Aren’t Taking Full Advantage of AI Tools, Survey Shows

Use of AI Tools Not Widespread

Only about one in four people working at law firms and law departments that use legal technology use tools based on artificial intelligence or machine learning, according to a survey of lawyers, technologists and executives.

More than half of the total respondents to a new Bloomberg Law survey —54 percent— said they don’t use AI tools. A quarter said they didn’t know if they use them—which survey authors said could reflect a knowledge gap and underuse of valuable technology.

There may be people at law firms and in-house counsel offices who are using different legal tech tools, “but aren’t sure what they’re using” or how the tech is actually supposed to function, said Molly Huie, team lead for data analysis and surveys at Bloomberg Law.

At the same time, the use of legal tech is aiding firms’ bottom lines by helping draw new clients, the Bloomberg Law Legal Operations & Technology survey found.

Among those using machine learning or AI-enhanced tech inside law firms and law departments, 47 percent said they used such tools for document review, the survey found, and 41 percent used them for e-Discovery, two of the earliest law firm uses of AI-enabled technology. [read more]

Source: Sam Skolnik | Bloomberg Law

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