artificial intelligence

How the NSA thinks about Artificial Intelligence today

For now, the NSA is exploring the use of artificial intelligence to detect vulnerabilities.

“We are experimenting and developing ‘,’ where we see a vulnerability and the vulnerability is recognized rapidly and patched or mitigated,” NSA Director explained in his Joint Forces Quarterly interview.

Machine learning eventually could help ease the immense workload placed on each cyber staffer at the agency, , NSA’s Technical Director for Capabilities told CyberScoop. By prioritizing tasks, NSA employees can dedicate more time to solving the most urgent problems.

“We’re going to need, at the very least, ML techniques to pull signal out of the noise so that the defenders, the operators can be informed [and] spend their time on the most critical events or anomalies rather than trying to make sense of this huge data space manually,” Ziring said. [read more]

Source: Shannon Vavra | Cyberscoop