What’s Technology Got to Do With It? What Litigators Need From Their Tech

The essential job of litigators has been unchanged since the dawn of adversarial court proceedings: find relevant facts that could help decide the dispute and meld them with the applicable law. Determine what will persuade a specific fact-finder and craft arguments that will be compelling to that audience, marshaling facts in support. Finally, present those arguments orally, in writing, or both.

At first glance, what does technology have to do with any of that?

Plenty. Smart litigators today are using technology to organize the facts in their documents, analyze the patterns of successful arguments, and present clear, believable stories that convince judges and juries to rule in their favor. That not only allows them to do their work better, faster, and more easily, but it also helps them stand out in a competitive market. [read more]

Source: Abhijat Saraswat – Law Technology Today