Data Security for Political Campaigns

Google’s Giving Out Data Security Keys to Help Protect Political Campaigns

Improving Data Security for Political Campaigns with 2FA

Malign foreign influence operations during the 2016 United States presidential election season raised awareness about the need for tighter data security within political campaigns. And while the 2020 presidential campaigns have shown some improvement, many are still seriously lagging—and facing real threats—with nine months left before election day. Now Google is trying to help move the needle.

Today the search giant is announcing new efforts to help campaigns secure their GSuite accounts through the Advanced Protection Program — complete with free Titan security keys. Google is working with the nonpartisan, nonprofit Defending Digital Campaigns, which will interact with political groups and distribute the free keys. DDC will also take the critical step of offering consultants to help campaigns actually activate the protections.

“We’re delighted to now have a partnership with Defending Digital Campaigns through which we can reach all the presidential and congressional campaigns and help get them the security that they need, that they’ve been asking for, without having to worry about cost and complexity,” says Mark Risher, director of product management, identity and user security at Google. [read more]

Source: Lily Hay Newman | WIRED


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