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As Remote Work Brings Isolation, How Can Firms Keep Lawyers in the Fold?

Vast majority of lawyers and staff respondents satisfied with the remote work systems in place

As law firms settle into working remotely, keeping connected is turning out to be much more than just a technical challenge. And while many firms are finding ways to encourage communication and check in with employees during the COVID-19 pandemic, those contacts haven’t extended to everyone.

survey released this week by Chicago-based consulting firm The Red Bee Group found that the vast majority of lawyers and staff respondents—90%—were somewhat or very satisfied with the systems in place for remote working at their firms or legal organizations. But significant percentages had not been included in group meetings designed to maintain contacts or had not had their supervisors personally check-in.

More than a quarter—26%—said they had not participated in an employer-led conference call or video meeting designed to stay in touch with colleagues. One-on-one outreach by supervisors to see how personnel were coping was also uneven, with 60% reporting email contacts, 52% saying they had received a check-in phone call, 35% reporting contact through text message and 29% connecting via video chat.

Source: Patrick Smith | Law.com


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