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The Value of Development Platforms in Legal Technology

Exceptional opportunities exist in legal operations to leverage development platforms—meaning tools that enable skilled configuration experts (e.g. not coders/developers) to create software applications using a platform’s technology stack at accelerated rates and lower overall development costs.

But before we dive too deeply into the weeds, it’s important to frame the discussion. Development platforms, in my view, provide the most value when aimed at specific legal functional opportunities to manage data and enable efficiencies. But they should leave certain core functionality to industry leaders.

More specifically, let’s understand that today, many legal-specific work processes are dominated by SaaS or off-the-shelf software shops. The main functional categories included in this bucker are functions like case management, law firm practice management, time entry and accounting, document management, e-discovery, conflicts, litigation holds, legal research, etc.

And, to properly define the landscape, let’s furthermore acknowledge there are other essential applications in play within law firms and legal ops excluded from this analysis. These include business applications like Outlook and Office, the use of embedded toolkits like SharePoint for simple needs, and many security infrastructure-centric tools like virus scanning, hard drive encryption, email flow and the like. read more

Source: Legaltech News – Law.com – FALAH NEWS


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