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Self Service eDiscovery

Mixner Consulting features a self-service eDiscovery solution that enables users to immediately upload, analyze, review and produce/export electronic documents. This functionality features centralized administration and hosting with the flexibility to scale seamlessly across multiple locations, without the labor or cost required to buy, install, and maintain additional infrastructure. Electronic documents and emails are uploaded via secure “drag and drop” interface, with automated processing that converts files into a searchable and reviewable format. The self service workflow includes review, advanced search, data analytics and production tools integrated within an intuitive interface that’s fast and easy to use.

Early Case Assessment

  • Interactive Dynamic Dashboard
  • Advanced Searching and Culling
  • Extensive Reporting

Automated Processing

  • Supports 500+ File Types
  • Flexible Filter/Cull Options
  • Multi-Language Support

Document Review

  • Optimized Workflow
  • Easy To Learn Interface
  • Analyze, ECA & Review Simultaneously


  • More Than 150 Export Fields
  • Supports All Industry Standard Load File Formats (CSV, DAT, EDRM, Law EDRM, eDII, Ringtail, Opticon, LFP, and DII)
  • Generate Searchable/Non-Searchable PDFs