Search, Analyze & Collect Unstructured Data. Even At Remote Offices Around The World.

More than 80% of an organization’s data is unstructured and resides on multiple file storage devices across the enterprise network. Our Intelligent Network Search & Data Collection [“Search & Collect”] solution makes it possible to surgically target data at its creation point so intelligent decisions can be made file collection, quarantine or deletion. This unique approach drastically reduces discovery time and cost while significantly increasing endpoint visibility and transparency.


Near Real-Time

Endpoint indexes updated regularly and automatically


Indices stored on endpoints, creating a naturally distributed architecture

Resource Friendly

Governed indexing to limit endpoint resource utilization

Highly Scalable

Search metadata, full text and patterns across thousands of machines simultaneously

Low Cost

Little or no additional hardware typically required


Access endpoints such as laptops over any secure internet connection

In-Place Analytics

Filter and analyze results without moving data

Cloud Enabled

Flexible enterprise deployment options, including cloud and on-premise

True Early Data Assessment

This solution provides detailed knowledge and visibility within unstructured data stored across enterprise networks and endpoints. This unparalleled level of content and metadata visibility is displayed through a single pane of glass where organizations gain real-time knowledge about their enterprise data.

Dynamic Architecture

The distributed architecture of the Intelligent Network Search & Data Collection solution, which can deployed in the cloud or on-premises, requires minimal server infrastructure to deliver real-time data knowledge from networked computers and servers and storage.

Feature Highlights:

  • Intelligent Network Search & Data CollectionSearch unstructured data for keywords, metadata and regular expressions
  • Federated search across endpoint indexes for text and metadata
  • Analyze data in place before collection
  • Highly scalable with minimal infrastructure
  • Search millions of documents in seconds
  • Drastically reduce all downstream eDiscovery costs
  • Collect targeted data to a preservation share

Our Intelligent Network Search & Data Collection solution is powered by the Heureka Intelligence Platform.

Get real-time access to unstructured data on network file systems, servers, virtual machines, laptops and desktops from a single user interface.