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Intelligent Content Collaboration

Mixner Consulting Group provides all-in-one, cost-effective data management solutions for the Enterprise, Law Firms, Corporate Legal teams, and Financial Services groups.

Secure File Sharing

The Secure File Sharing solution provides enterprise-grade security and advanced file sharing features enable organizations, practice groups and teams to share and host work product, marketing and sales information, HR information, contracts, and other sensitive information, anytime, anywhere, across any device.

Content Collaboration PlatformExtranets

Our Extranet solution allows teams to seamlessly share documents between internal and external parties, and empower your employees, clients, vendors, partners, requesting government or regulatory bodies, and other third parties to operate when and where it’s most convenient. Learn More

Virtual Deal Rooms

Deal teams use our Virtual Deal Room (“VDR”) solution to maintain secure control over sensitive deal information and to enable finance teams, legal counsel, investment banks, and potential buyers or sellers to access and review documents when and where it’s most convenient. Learn More

Dynamic Litigation Workspaces

Litigation teams win cases by getting to the most pivotal information faster. Dynamic Litigation Workspaces give you powerful e-discovery grade tools to share, access, and review critical documents such as pleadings, depositions, transcripts, exhibits, dockets, production sets and other confidential information with internal teams, opposing counsel, and clients. Learn More

Document Management

Powerful document management capabilities built within tOur Intelligent Content Collaboration solutions enable you to control files, manage permissions, and set up automated document workflows.

Workflow Automation

Automation streamlines common legal and business tasks, so you get to faster, more intelligent outcomes.

Content Collaboration PlatformPowered By

Our Intelligent Content Collaboration solutions are powered by PropelDocs. Founded in 2016, PropelDocs was initially designed for a top Silicon Valley law firm seeking to replace inefficient processes and tools—FTP sites, consumer-grade file sharing, network shares, paper filing systems, and enterprise IT applications—with a single solution that could meet the firm’s many needs for secure file transfer and sharing.

The PropelDocs team brings more than a decade of specialized expertise in building highly secure data management solutions for major law firms and corporations. Their management team is composed of the founders and technologists behind Lateral Data, LP, the developers of Viewpoint all-in-one electronic discovery software, which was acquired by Xerox Corporation in 2012.

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