securely share confidential legal case information

Dynamic Litigation Workspaces

Our Dynamic Litigation Workspaces give you powerful eDiscovery grade tools to share, access, and review critical documents such as pleadings, depositions, transcripts, exhibits, dockets, production sets and other confidential information with internal teams, opposing counsel, and clients.

Dynamic Litigation WorkspacesAccelerated Document Review

View 80+ file types directly in the high-fidelity Document Viewer so you don’t waste time jumping to external apes or browser plugins. Drill into complex spreadsheets right down to cell formulas. Seamlessly convert files to PDF for offline review. Customize tagging for document review management and leverage built-in version control.

Intelligent Document Collection

Ensure you have all the right documents by automating and tracking document requests for due diligence, discovery, or other matters. Simply click “request docs” and assign individuals who can securely upload docs. You get auto-requests, auto-notifications, and seamless completion tracking.

Casework Intelligence

Create a central document store and increase casework intelligence across legal teams and key organizational stakeholders. Data dashboards and auto-notifications give unprecedented visibility into casework. Monitor uploads, downloads and review activity for insight into document collection and case progress.

Advanced Search and Auto-Digitization

Automated Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and advanced search tools allow you to search across thousands of documents instantly with pinpoint accuracy. Automate searches across your Room using advanced workflow and automation tools to receive notifications of critical documents and find potentially privileged or sensitive information.

Intelligent Document Workflows

The Expedite Engine enables you to create an automated workflow that increases efficiencies. You define events and easily set up key criteria to trigger real-time notifications, privilege and document tagging, and document quarantine.

Scalable for Large-Scale Litigation

The distributed infrastructure assure rapid scalability and the highest levels of performance and uptime, to massive volumes of data from large-scale litigation.

Our Intelligent Content Collaboration solutions are powered by PropelDocs.

Dynamic Litigation Workspaces from Mixner Consulting Group