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Intelligent Virtual Deal Rooms

Intelligent Virtual Deal RoomsOur Intelligent Virtual Deal Rooms [VDRs] accelerate your M&A due diligence, reorganization and exchange offers, capital transactions, mergers, privatizations, spin-offers, bankruptcy, divestitures, real estate transactions, and other time-sensitive, confidential matters. Deal teams use our VDRs to maintain secure control over sensitive deal information and to enable finance teams, legal counsel, investment banks, and potential buyers or sellers to access and review documents when and where it’s most convenient.

Powerful Document Review

In-line viewing and flexible tagging and commenting tools by permission and role, make it easy to review and control documents. Star documents for easy reference. Upload new versions and control whether users also see prior versions.

Deal Intelligence

Data dashboards and auto-notifications give unprecedented visibility into deal activity. Monitor uploads, downloads and review activity for insight into areas of heightened deal engagement.

Smart Response Management

Request internal or external users upload documents to specified folders in a VDR. Configurable upload access security for requestees, with designated expiration. Separate data upload interface for requestees to upload documents so they do not require room access. All making it simpler and faster to complete your transactions.

Deals On The Go

Built for use across desktop and mobile devices, so you can seamlessly access and share information from anywhere, anytime.

Easy VDR Set-Up

Efficiently manage VDRs with templates for replicating in seconds, including file structures, permission management models, users, and documents. Features include automated email notifications and workflows, bulk uploads, mass room enablement/disablement, cross-room global user role management, and more.

Enterprise-Grade Security
  • Secure Documents – Two-factor authentication, user-based user roles, second level approval options, dynamic watermarking, time-constrained access, user login disablement, password-protected links, downloading restrictions and more.
  • Audit – Know who has accessed which document, folder or room, and when. Complete audit trail with downloadable reports and real-time notifications.
  • Control – Ensure only authorized individuals are given access to specific documents, folders or rooms. Downloadable documents by permission and role, with watermark enforcement.

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Intelligent Virtual Deal Rooms from Mixner Consulting Group