Self Service eDiscovery Platform

Our Self Service eDiscovery Platform (“SSED”) is a cloud-based electronic discovery platform that provides data processing, storage, review, and production services in an on-demand environment.

eDiscovery Document Review

ediscovery document review

Document Review Interface

Self Service eDiscovery Platform

Document Review Features

  • Unlimited Users
  • Dual Monitor Support
  • Full Access to Metadata
  • Tagging
  • Custom Review Form(s)
  • Manage Related Items
    • Parent/Child
    • Duplicates
    • Email Threads
    • “More Like This” Clustering
  • Redaction
  • “Hot Key” Features
  • User Notes and Privilege Notes
  • Document Clustering Technologies
  • Built-in Audio and Video File Players
  • Automatic Keyword Search Highlighting
  • iPad App for Document Review (Free)
  • On-Demand Foreign Language Translation Support
  • Review Batch Management
  • One-Click Data Enrichment

iPad App for eDiscovery Document Review
iPad App for eDiscovery Document Review



eDiscovery Document Review from Mixner Consulting Group