Self Service eDiscovery Platform

Our Self Service eDiscovery Platform (“SSED”) is a cloud-based electronic discovery platform that provides data processing, storage, review, and production services in an on-demand environment.

eDiscovery Processing DetailseDiscovery Processing from Mixner Consulting Group
  • Process all forms of Electronically Stored Information
  • Autoscale processing power
  • Extract text
  • Extract metadata
  • Extract attachments and/or embedded items
  • Email domain extraction
  • Real-time OCR of image and PDF files
  • Real-time virus scan
  • Password protected file detection and handling
  • Foreign language support
  • Audio file transcription to searchable text
  • Email threading
  • Decompress archives
  • File deduplication
  • System file identification
  • Hash code generation
  • Personal information detection (Social Security and credit card numbers)
  • IMAP email collector (process email data straight from an email application that supports IMAP)
  • Generate Reviewable PDF