Unlock Your iPhone With Biometrics

Judge Rules Police Can’t Force You To Unlock Your iPhone With Biometrics

Police Can Not Force You To Unlock Your iPhone With Fingerprints, Faces or Irises

A California judge has ruled that American police can’t force people to unlock a mobile phone with biometrics. The ruling goes further to protect people’s private lives from government searches than any before and is being hailed as a potentially landmark decision.

Previously, U.S. judges had ruled that police were allowed to force unlock devices like Apple’s iPhone with biometrics, such as fingerprints, faces or irises. That was despite the fact feds weren’t permitted to force a suspect to divulge a passcode. But according to a ruling uncovered by Forbes, all logins are equal.

The order came from the U.S. District Court for the in the denial of a search warrant for an unspecified property in Oakland. The warrant was filed as part of an investigation into a extortion crime, in which a victim was asked to pay up or have an “embarrassing” video of them publicly released. The cops had some suspects in mind and wanted to raid their property. In doing so, the feds also wanted to open up any phone on the premises via facial recognition, a fingerprint or an iris. [read more]

Source: Thomas Brewster | Forbes