MCG Introduces CaseRoom eDiscovery from Singapore

Caseroom Ediscovery Offshore

Mixner Consulting Group Adds Offshore eDiscovery Services

Cleveland – November 11, 2020Mixner Consulting Group (MCG), a global legal technology consultancy, today announced the addition of CaseRoom eDiscovery as a new legal technology service. CaseRoom, which securely hosted in Singapore, is a secure, user-friendly, and cost-efficient electronic discovery solution that enables users to immediately upload, analyze, review, and export electronic documents from any location around the globe.1

In addition to being easily accessed from any internet connection, the cloud-based solution provides unparalleled agility, industry-leading performance, and scalability for data sets large and small.

About CaseRoom eDiscovery

Mcg Introduces Caseroom Ediscovery From SingaporeCaseRoom features data collection, distributed processing, evidence management, email/document review, advanced search, data analytics, and document export tools.

Users initiate automated processing by simply dragging and dropping files from their desktop to CaseRoom’s intuitive web portal.  All processing parameters are pre-defined by an administrator to enable immediate conversion of digital evidence for analysis, review, and production.

CaseRoom eDiscovery is a subscription service developed by Litigation Edge and securely hosted on AWS Singapore.

About Mixner Consulting Group

Mcg Introduces Caseroom Ediscovery From SingaporeMixner Consulting Group ltd (MCG) is a consultancy that provides a range of advisory and technology services to law firms, corporations, agencies and service providers.

MCG was founded in 2013 by Brad Mixner, a 23 year veteran of the legal technology industry. Known as an industry thought leader, Mr. Mixner has achieved recognition for his knowledge in such key subjects as cross border discovery, cloud technology implementation and the application of big data technology within e-discovery and litigation support. Please click to for additional information about Mixner Consulting Group.

1 Active internet connection required.