Successful Customer Experience Strategy

How To Create A Successful Customer Experience Strategy

A successful customer experience strategy is all about the customer

If you’re in an industry in which customers have little choice or are locked into contracts for a long period of time, that’s still no excuse to treat customers poorly or to gouge them for services without providing any real value. The moment they have an opportunity, such as their contract ending or if a disruptive startup in the same space offers a better experience, they’ll likely move on.

Here’s what I believe is an uncomfortable — yet indisputable — truth: You are in business to create and nurture your customers. Without customers — and especially without employees to create your products and to serve your customers — you have no business. Regardless of company size, region and industry, you are in business for the customer, because of the customer.

Each of those projects, initiatives and innovations happening in your organization should reflect your customers’ voices. It’s critical to consider the impact any changes could have on them. Otherwise, what’s it all for?

Find a balance between acquisition and retention.

Gaining thousands of customers every month doesn’t always mean you’re delivering a great experience. When you focus on acquisition but not on retention, you create a leaky bucket situation that belies your truth. When you focus on moving the metric but not on improving the experience, the numbers lie. [learn more]

Source: Annette Franz | Forbes Coaches Council

How To Create A Successful Customer Experience Strategy


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