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Microsoft Embraced Alternative Legal Service, But Many Still Fearful

The relationship between Corp. and Inc. has grown dramatically since the software giant took a chance on the nascent industry a decade ago, but there’s disagreement about whether such a model will take off widely enough to truly disrupt law firms.

What started in 2009 as a seven-member group of Integreon lawyers and paralegals in handling small, English-language for Microsoft has expanded to a team of more than 80 based in offices across the continents who review 20,000 contracts a year in 15 languages.

Partnerships on the scale of Microsoft’s and Integreon’s remain the exception in an industry that some see lurching toward disruption while others argue the hype around alternative legal service providers is overblown.

One crucial factor in getting more law departments to adopt alternative legal service providers will be if leaders can overcome doubts about to a relatively new type of vendor.

Source: Roy Strom | Bloomberg Law