California Data Privacy

What Does California’s New Data Privacy Law Mean? Nobody Agrees

The California data privacy statute was meant to standardize how companies disclose their consumer data-mining practices. So far, not so much.

Millions of people in California are now seeing notices on many of the apps and websites they use. “Do Not Sell My Personal Information,” the notices may say, or just “Do Not Sell My Info.”

But what those messages mean depends on which company you ask.

Microsoft said it would apply its changes to all its users in the United States rather than give Californians special treatment. Photo: Jeenah Moon for The New York Times

Stopping the sale of personal data is just one of the new rights that people in California may exercise under a state data privacy law that takes effect on Wednesday. Yet many of the new requirements are so novel that some companies disagree about how to comply with them.

Even now, privacy and security experts from different companies are debating compliance issues over private messaging channels like Slack. [read more]

Source: Natasha Singer – The New York Times