Self Service eDiscovery Pricing

Our Self Service eDiscovery (“SSED”) provides a scalable, cost-effective eDiscovery solution that is easy to use with very little training.  Most importantly, there’s no software or hardware to purchase, no user license fees, includes 30 days free hosting and our pricing model is “pay for what you need” with no long-term commitments.

Service Fee
Processing $30/gb*
Data Hosting¹ $0.85/gb per day*
Data Hibernation $0.34/gb per day*
Image $0.02/page
Native $2.00/gb
Foreign Language Translation $0.00015/character
Data Enrichment $0.25 per submission
Technical Time $225/hour

¹30 days of free hosting included

*based on the total data file size after it has been extracted and processed.



Self Service eDiscovery